Professional Services

RFA Planning Consultant Inc. provides a wide range of professional planning services related to land use planning and development:

RFA Planning Consultant Inc. frequently provides project management services to clients and coordinates various disciplines involved in the land planning process. The firm can draw upon a wide variety of other professionals throughout the Quinte region with expertise in:

RFA Planning Process for Development Approvals

At the first meeting with the client, we would agree on the overall project work program, and confirm our ability to act as the project planner. The client will provide background material such as the legal survey in digital format if possible and previous technical studies. The client will also confirm the proposed building type, form and mix if possible.
All relevant planning policy will be compiled and reviewed. A concise summary, with potential issues and priorities will be prepared. At this time, earlier technical studies that were undertaken would be reviewed; it would be determined if these studies applied to the subject lands and if they required updating. These studies would have assessed impacts from archaeology, noise, storm water, etc.
The base map for the project will be prepared at an appropriate scale using the survey provided by the client. Contact will be made with planning staff or the Conservation Authority to determine if additional mapping files are available that show natural features including contours.

A site analysis will be conducted including drainage conditions, environmentally sensitive areas, important open space features, existing services, and land use.

The preliminary Concept or Draft Plan will be developed identifying appropriate lot fabric and land use. The road network with local and collector streets will be determined. The important natural features that will be incorporated into the open space network will be highlighted.
A pre-consultation meeting will be arranged with municipal planning staff to review the requirements for technical studies to support the planning application. Following the meeting, the plan will be adjusted to incorporate municipal staff comments.

The planning authority will identify various technical studies that will be required in support of the project. These will include a preliminary storm water management and site servicing report, and may also include a traffic report or an archaeological assessment. RFA will coordinate all of the other technical studies that are required to complete the application.

A planning report will be prepared in support of the project together with the completed municipal application forms.

The Site/Draft Plan and applications and support studies are submitted to the municipality.
The applications are circulated by the planning staff to applicable departments and agencies for written comments. A meeting is usually then scheduled with all departments and agencies to consider conditions of approval and technical comments. RFA would attend and provide input on behalf of the clients re draft approval conditions.

Following the technical review a report is prepared by staff outlining conditions of approval in advance of the statutory public meeting. RFA would attend the public meeting and present on behalf of the applicant. In advance of the statutory public meeting it is recommended that an information package be provided to the surrounding neighbourhood and possibly holding an informal community meeting.

Following the approval by the municipality and a 20 day appeal period, the application is approved subject to conditions.